Just an FYI that my Christmas song "Keep Christ In Christmas" is being promoted for the Christmas holiday by "Indie Impact".  Take a listen to the song clip on my music page. If you like it, I have the full song available on for sale for 99 cents on my Artist Page (Click on Search on the Home Page of IH & then, click on Texas, and just Click on Tawana to get to my page). A song that reminds all of us to "Keep Christ In Christmas". 


Thank you for stopping for a visit to see what's happening with my music & ministry. This is my first "News Post on my new website. So, here we go... 

I was informed by my music promoter that my music is getting airplay at some radio stations in the Midwestern part of the U.S. (Arkansas and another state or two) The station manager, will be calling or texting me with more information. I will give everyone an update as soon as I get the details.


I haven't mentioned anything about the new song that is currently being written. On this one, my 2 good friends, Alicia Motter-Vlahakos and Cynthia Butler are my co-writers (Most of my songs are written without co-writers).  As an FYI, Alciia and Cynthia are from the music group "Canopy".  I am so excited to write this song with them as they are really talented and have a heart for others as well. And we have been friends for quite a while (Our first song, by the way). Also, I came up with the song from the recent events of "Hurricane Harvey" and the other hurricanes along the east coast and the wildfires in California. We had 2 in person songwriting sessions (First with all 3 of us. And the 2nd one with Alicia and I). Most of the song is written (All we have left is the 2nd verse). I am pretty excited about this one as it talks about the emotions