Mission Statement

Verse: Matthew 28:19 & 20 (The Great Commission)

Allowing God to use me through my testimony and the music he's given me to point others toward a saving relationship with him through Christ Jesus. Also, to encourage people (Lost & Saved) trust God no 

matter what they are going through in their life. And remind women of all ages that their self worth should always be based on what God's word says about them. 

My Testimony...

The Start: 

"Tawana" asked Jesus into her heart when she was 11 years old at a vacation bible school at a country church in S.E. Oklahoma.  She started actively attending church when she was 13 years old. And she has been in "Christ centered/bible teaching churches ever since." 


The Music:

Although "Tawana" has always loved Music, God has been the one to move her in the direction of music ministry and placed a call on her life to contribute to his kingdom through the words and music he's placed in her heart.  God had opened doors in the past where "Tawana's" songs have not only been played on radio stations in the U.S. But a few of her songs received airplay at several radio stations in different countries around the world. "Keep Christ In Christmas" (Just Sing! CD) was even picked as the #1 song at a Christian station radio show which included Major label and Independent Christian Artists/Bands.  "Tawana" was also blessed with nominations in the Momentum Awards (An Independent Artist award) for her songs as well. She has felt blessed to be acknowledged for her endeavors. But "Tawana" is always focused on the bigger picture. And will always make sure to say that it's about "Jesus" & giving the glory to "God". 

Let's Partner...

"Tawana" has been in active ministry since '2004. She has performed at church services, ministry events, coffee houses, music festivals, conferences, evangelism outreaches. She has also partnered with non-profits as well as family friendly private events. After a break due to production work coupled with health issues over the past year & a half, "Tawana" is ready  to proceed with sharing her music and ministry. Go to her contact page for more information on partnering with "Tawana's" ministry.