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Where Tawana Has Been & Where She's Going...

"Tawana" has been around music most of her life. She has sung in her local churches as well as in school while living in Oklahoma (Her home state). "Tawana" also wrote songs from time to time. However, doors started opening for her when she moved from Kansas City, Kansas to Texas. "Tawana"  joined a songwriting group in Houston. Not long after, she started sharing her songs in coffee houses in her local area. Opportunites to share continued to come her way. "Tawana" has sung locally, regionally, then across the country at churches & indep. ministries, single's ministries, family friendly events & venues, music festivals, conferences, as well as private events. Sometimes, "Tawana" would even have a back-up band accompany her to some of her events and performances. "Tawana" was even blessed with the opportunity to open up for two major record label Christian bands.

 As far as radio airplay, several of her songs from her "Just Sing!" CD received radio airplay in the U.S. as well as internationally in several countries around the world. When she first released her CD titled "Just Sing!", her Christmas song "Keep Christ In Christmas" was picked as the #1 Christmas song of that year on a radio show in Kansas, USA. 

"Tawana" appreciates her songs being acknowledged by her peers. And she gives glory to God. as he's the one who gave her the songs to share with others. 

In addition to the concerts/performances, Tawana has been acknowledged for the songs that God has given her to write. She was nominated through Indieheaven.com for "Dancin' On The Clouds", a song that she had written about her grandmother, as "Song Of The Year" in Indieheaven's Momentum Awards. Tawana has also had "Living Water" and "Keep Christ In Christmas" nominations for the Momentum Awards as well (Indie Songwriter Award). She has also been approached by national and Indie Artists who have wanted to sing her original songs. 

"Tawana" continues to go forward as God opens doors for her to share her music and ministry. She has been working on having more songs produced over the last year and a half in the midst of dealing with health issues.  "Tawana" expects to have all of the songs finished in the near future. She already has "Tiny Miracle (Sienna's Song)" produced. "Tawana" is moving forward with promoting the song. And she is looking forward to sharing it with others as the song is based on a true story. "Tawana" is optimistic that God will use it to minister to parents who have lost a baby/child. 

More things to come..  We're looking forward to sharing more as God opens doors for ministry and concerts.

Tawana's Music...

Being a Singer/Songwriter, "Tawana's"  style varies sometimes from song to song. Mostly, her genre falls within the Contemporary Christian/Pop style of music. Also, "Tawana" has  been known to sing modern Praise & Worship when doing special concerts and events in the past at churches as well as local Christian ministries outside and within the church.  

*Note:  "Tawana" now, has clips  of her original music from her "Just Sing!" CD and her newest recording/song of "Tiny Miracle (Sienna's Song)" available on her music page. "Keep Christ In Christmas" is on "Tawana's" Music Page. And it is being promoted right now. It's a good reminder of the "real reason for the season". Feel free to visit this page to take a listen to the song clips.